My Trip to Tijuana

So I’m sure that you’re asking just exactly who or what the Tijuanaent is. The Tijuanaent is first, the description of a traveler. This traveler will begin it’s journey in Tijuana, Mexico. Here he will travel through the town documenting the cultures, highlighting the parts of this area that make the city famous.

Contrary to popular belief, Tijuana is actually a city that’s technically found in the United States. It is a city that is located in Baja California that is adjacent to the United States boarder. Many people refer to it as the “corner of Mexico” because of its close proximity, as well as it’s predominantly Mexican culture. My first impression when I arrived was that we weren’t in the United States anymore. I quickly realized that this was not your typical tourist or vacation spot. I’m sure you know what I mean about a great vacation spot. From the outside, everything looked great, this is a common feature of tourist locations. I have traveled to Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, and many other island spots. The beach locations are beautiful, but if you travel inland further, you will a totally different perspective. But, in this case, I didn’t get that feeling.

I have always heard of the term “3rd World Country”, but it wasn’t until I visited the place that I finally understood what it means. A country is considered to be 3rd World when their views aren’t aligned with NATO and the capitalism. Although this definition is seems to be archaic, today the term 3rd world country is used to describe a poor and underdeveloped society. With poor societies or countries, come poor health care, education, infrastructure, and sanitation. So instead of the term “3rd World” can be adjusted to be called an underdeveloped country.

Walking to the streets I got the feeling of being a truly destitute location. The children were out on the streets selling products and making money for their family. The kids in some instances can’t be considered to be any older than 6 years old. Although you want to help each of them, if you did you would quickly run out of money yourself. They had some cars and bikes for transportation but I was surprised to see a donkey. Store front shops held signs that said “Purified Water”, but I wasn’t going to chance it. I came well prepared with lots of bottles of water.

Although there are many things that I might deem as inconvenient, the people there seem to get along just fine. Although I know that they struggle daily in their lives I get the feeling that they know that they can overcome the struggle. It seems that they all work together to get as much out of their situation that they possible can. I’m myself can compare this to the small city of Columbia, SC. Although the US is words apart in terms of their wealth. That us against the world mentality can be seen just as much there as it is here.